Summary of PST's Technology

We are deploy power supply products, value added through modularization that incorporates materials, devices and circuit development technology, in various fields.

We are deploy power supply products, value added through modularization that incorporates materials, devices and circuit evelopment technology, in various fields.

Technologies required for power supply

Required features Technologies & skills required for the realization of products' functionality
Safety & Security Safety standards compliance We totally understand and observe the standards required for each product. Obtainment of conformity certification of required standards and organizational frameworks for their maintenance.
Insulation (prevention of electrical shock) After securing creepage and clearance distance in accordance with the requirements of standards, choosing suitable materials and performing surface treatment process, we achieve both improvement of thermal conductivity and downsizing.
EMS We secure resistance to lightning surges and ESD applied from the outside.
Scenario design & Risk management Perfect knowledge of operating environment, scenario design and risk management preventing unsafe events of Life End.
Device selection & development We develop or select the most suitable device weighing costs and quality. We also pursue cost reduction and quality improvement by negotiating with suppliers.
Circuit selection & development We pursue optimal solutions weighing noise reduction and productivity. We engage technology that utilizes efficiently and optimally the latest low cost and commercially available devices. We create the optimal solution, understand the contradicting features of high frequency and high frequency losses and the properties of noise, and consider the balance with costs.
Low noise (EMI) We develop and appropriately use switching methods without noise generation and methods for preventing the propagation of noises. We select the best combination from a wide range of combinations of devices, circuit structures, insulation and isolation structure (including transformers), PCB layout and materials for printed wiring boards, taking into account the balance with costs.
Reduction of size and weight We choose the best solution from the contradicting features of isolation and heat conduction and we effectively exhaust generated heat. We select methods for blocking out internal and external noises and we seek to reduce products' size and weight. We have perfect knowledge of metal and resin stock and we utilize them in the scenario design.
General electrical performance We are knowledgeable about performances required by the market and the customers and clarify product specification. We appropriately break down the product specification by its function and we assign to and realize it in software and hardware.
By gathering these technologies, we will contribute to:
∗customers' needs
∗optimization of the development of customers' sets
∗improvement of added value of customers' sets

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