Evaluation System and Equipment

Charge Discharge Measuring Instruments for Battery Pack

Equipment Manufacturer Type Specification
Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber ESPEC T-3(Custom Product) Supports UN Transportation Testing UN38.3 T2(Thermal Test)
Regenerative DC Power Supply Myway Plus MWBFP3-1250-J02 500V/±175A/±57.5kW
pCUBE outline
Regenerative DC Power Supply "pCUBE"
Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber
Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber "T-3"

Test Rooms

Equipment Manufacturer Specification
Shielded Room Japan Shielded Enclosures Conducted Emission: 9kHz - 30MHz
Electromagnetic Wave Anechoic Chamber Japan Shielded Enclosures Spurious Emission: 30MHz - 1GHz
Anechoic Chamber - Exterior
Anechoic Chamber - Exterior
Anechoic Chamber - Interior
Anechoic Chamber - Interior

Automatic Evaluation System with Rack Mount

Equipment Manufacturer Type Specification Remarks
AC Power Supply NF Corp. ES2000S & ES2000B 0~300VAC/6kVA Integrated model
DC Power Supply Kikusui Electronics PAN-A Series 0~250V/2.5A, 0~110V/1.5A
Power Meter Hioki EE. Corp. 3332  
Electronic Load Keisoku Giken ELA Series
ELC Series
120V/30~180A/150~1000W, 500V/36A/1000W
Data Logger Keysight Technologies 34970A 6.5 digits
Including 20ch Multiplexer
Digital Multimeter Keysight Technologies 34401A 6.5 digits
Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix DPO5054 4ch/500MHz/2.5GS/s
Universal Scanner Keisoku Giken SC-800  
Signal Scanner Keisoku Giken SC-401  
Signal Generator Hioki EE. Corp. 7075 2ch
Sine/Square wave : 0 - 10MHz
Triangle/Pulse wave: 0 - 200kHz
Ripple Meter Keisoku Giken RM-103  
Ripple Noise Scanner Keisoku Giken SC-82 DC~100MHz/8ch
Temperature Chamber Espec PU-3KT Temp. range: -40 - 100 degrees
Automatic Evaluation System
Automatic Evaluation System
Automatic Evaluation System
Automatic Evaluation System

General Measuring Instruments

Equipment Manufacturer Type Specification
AC Power Supply Kikusui Electronics PCR-LA Series 0~300VAC/2kVA, 0~300VAC/4kVA
DC Power Supply Kikusui Electronics PAD60-120L 0~120V/60A, 0~60V/120A
Power Meter Yokogawa Electric WT200  
Electronic Load Fujitsu EUL Series 120V/30~60A/150~300W, 500V/30A/600W
Multichannel Electronic Load Fujitsu EML Series 5ch/120V/30A/150W
Digital Oscilloscope Teledyne LeCroy WavePro725Zi 4ch/500MHz/2.5GS/s, 4ch/2.5GHz/40GS/s
Current Probe Teledyne LeCroy CP031,CP150 30A/100MHz, 150A/15MHz
Digital Multimeter Keysight Technologies 34401A 6.5 digits
Data Logger Graphtec Corp GL900 8ch / Sampling cycle: 1uS - 1Min.
Switcher Analyzer Chroma ATE Inc MODEL 650  
Memory HiCorder Hioki EE. Corp. 8842 16ch / 32words / Analog Unit

Special Measuring Instrument

Equipment Manufacturer Type Specification
Leak Current HiTester Hioki EE. Corp. 3156  
Harmonic Analyzer Kikusui Electronics KHA1000  
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Nippon Avionics InfReC R500EX -40~500°C
Frequency Response Analyzer NF Corp. FRA5095 0.1mHz~2.2MHz
Impulse Noise Simulator Noise Laboratory INS-AX2-420 ±0.01~4.0kV/50~1000ns
Fast Transient Noise Simulator Noise Laboratory FNS-105L ±0.2~4.0kV
ESD Simulator Noise Laboratory ESS-S3011&GT-30R ±0.2~30.0kV
Lightning Surge Simulator Noise Laboratory LSS-F03A1 ±0.5~15.0kV/1.2×50μs/8×20μs
EMI Test Receiver ROHDE & SCHWARZ ESCI 9kHz~3GHz
EMC Spectrum Analyzer Keysight Technologies E7401A 9kHz~1.5GHz
AC Withstanding Voltage / Insulation Resistance Kikusui Electronics TOS8850A  
Earth Continuity Tester Kikusui Electronics TOS6210  
Temperature Chamber Espec PWU-3KP Temp. range: -40 - 100 degrees
Vibration Testing System Emic Corp. F-06000BM/FA/Z14 DC - 2000Hz
Sine: 6.0kN Randam4.2kNrms

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