About Our City "Matsusaka" and "Mie"

About Mie

We; PST; deliver Power Supply Unit form Mie to various countries all over the world.

About Mie

■About Matsusaka

"Matsusaka" is a castle town with a long and distinguished history; and a rich and deep rooted culture.
We; PST; will contribute to the development of Matsusaka's economy and culture in collaboration with the local community.

■Matsusaka City

Incorp. as a city: 1st. February, 1933
Area: 623.8km2
Population: 165,363 (As of March, 2018)


1.Castle Town And Culture City

  • The founder was the great commander, GAMO Ujisato. (He built Matsusaka Castle in 1588.)
  • Place of birth of Japanese classical literature scholar, MOTOORI Norinaga, also author of “Kojiki-den”.
  • Place of birth of MATSUURA Takeshiro, person who named “Hokkaido”.

2.Commercial Town

  • Mitsui family, a family that was running the largest drapery store in Edo period. (the current Mitsukoshi, Mitsui Financial Group)
  • Hasegawa family, a family of Matsusaka cotton wholesale merchants.

3.Famous Products and Things

  • Matsusaka beef, Matsusaka cotton.
  • ”Takarazuka First Barrow”, designated as national treasure.
    (Barrow dating back to the beginning of the 5th century)
    Designated as a cultural asset of national importance.
    The largest barrow in Japan, the first discovery of a boat-shaped haniwa(terra-cotta).
  • Gojoban Yashiki.
    A residence where 20 guardians of Matsusaka Castle belonging to the Kishu Domain lived.
  • The three major festivals in Matsusaka.
    Matusaka Gion Festival, Ujisato Festival, Hatsu-uma Festival

Norinaga Motoori
MOTOORI Norinaga
(Photo: Museum of Motoori Norinaga)
Matsusaka Beef
Matsusaka Beef
(Photo: Matsusaka City Tourism Association)
Matsusaka Cotton
Matsusaka Cotton
(Photo: Matsusaka City Tourism Association)
Boat-shaped Haniwa
Boat-shaped Haniwa
(Photo: Matsusaka City Board Of Education)
Gojoban Yashiki
Gojoban Yashiki