Message from the President / Business Policy

Eiji Yamamoto

Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd.

As professionals in development, production and sales of power supply products, we uphold the motto "To offer safe, secure and high quality products".

In an era where it is required to develop new products meeting the needs of customers from around the world, the power supplies installed on these new products became important components. We are constantly innovating and evolving our technology in order to develop power supply products that will keep up with our customers' needs.

In particular, the features of our products are the reduced size and weight that we have realized through our uniquely-developed heat treatment technology. This is one of the indispensable technologies for the production of next-generation products and we are certain that it will be useful for the development of products according to customers' demand.
Furthermore, we have realized the production of highly reliable products that can be used indoors and outdoors and under various external circumstances and conditions. We are also going to develop not only new products with features such as dust-proof and water-proof structures, but also new technologies in the environmental field, that is gaining increasing attention, with "battery charge" and "inverter", necessary for "batteries" and "power converting", as keywords. We are also working on more high-powered and more highly efficient power supply products with a much longer product life. Moreover, we are offering not only valuable products, but also solutions related to power supply, such as battery management system.

In order to make "PST's products" the selected choice of power supply for various products circulating in the world, we will continue offering power supply products suitable for customers' production needs, based on safety, security and high quality, and we will try to become the No.1 maker of power supply. We will continuously challenge new possibilities and aim to provide further valued creations for our customers.

Management Philosophy

We are trying to realize an affluent society filled with dreams 
 by contributing to people's happiness through the creation of values supporting customers 
by extending a safe and secure Monozukuri 
to the whole world.

Business policy

▎ Basic Policy

"Everything we do is for the customer"
We will contribute to the value added improvement for customers by delivering the best "safe, secure and sophisticated power supplies".


Support customers to make product development more efficient with full-custom power supply backed by our advanced technology.
Solve customers' problems regarding design, production and services taking advantage of the comprehensive strength of nms group.

Behavioral Norm

Basic Principle 3C+C